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Bio of the world’s newest superhero,The Trebleshooter!

Name: Nathan Wallace


 Hair: Blond

 Height: 5’ 11”

 Weight: 179 lbs.

Alias: The Trebelshooter


- Ability to create musical notes,chords,and sheet music out of pure energy.

- Ability to fly on sheet music made of pure energy.

- Genius-level intellect;created a suit to supplement himself with an energy source,outfitted with speakers and handmade night vision goggles

- Peak human strength and enhaned agility

- Limited energy absorption 

- Ability to generate sonic booms from his hands

- Ability to control sound (able to take the sound away OR amplify the sound of an object. Example: Can make a hummingbird sound like a jackhammer,and visa versa.)

- Above average fighting skills


  Intelligence: 5

  Strength: 3

  Speed: on foot-3; flight through sheet music: 5

  Durability: 2

  Energy Projection: 5

  Fighting Skills: 4


  Nathan Wallace is the grandson of John Wallace, alias the Music Master. ( He grew up in Kingston,South London with his father, Nigel Wallace,the son of John Wallace.  (In the 1960s, John Wallace permanently retired his superhero alias and moved to England to focus on his career as a celloist.) Nathan’s mother died when he was 2 from cancer,and Nigel made sure to raise Nathan the way his wife wanted him to become: receiving the best education possible and teaching him to be a gentleman.

Nathan Wallace grew up loving all forms of music,playing more than seven instruments by the time he was 11. At age 17, he started DJing at local clubs in London.

 A week after his graduation,tragedy struck. His grandfather John passed away at the age 91 from an unfound brain tumor. After his funeral,while searching his grandfather’s room for photo albums, Nathan found his late grandfather’s writings of the “Mystical Secrets” of music. He also learned of his grandfather’s career in vigilantism,which his father kept from him for his own reasons.

After a few years,reading his work a million times over,testing grandpa John’s ‘theories’many,many times,gained the ability to pull kinetic energy from sources of music.

 He then crafted a suit,eqipped with speakers on his chest,hands,and feet, to harness this newfound power. Nathan would chose to use this ‘superpower’ for good,to help people in need and fight evil in honor of his grandfather.

 At the age of 25,Nathan moved to New York City to expand the fanbase of his DJ career,going by the alias of MixMaster J. After seeing that there was so much crime,he would don his costume and fight crime as the Trebleshooter.

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